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Services to development

To render developmental, social, humanitarian and environmental services on a voluntary or consultative basis through...

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promote and protect the rights and interests of former international civil servants and their survivors through

What is AFICS – Egypt

AFICS-Egypt is a non-profit association of Egyptians and expatriates who have served – or continue to serve - the United Nations and/or its specialized agencies. Its constituency also includes UN consultants and partners 



AFICS-Egypt brings together a critical mass of experience, knowledge and skills andmobilizes them in the service of development.AFICS-Egypt members are ideally situated toundertake such assistance given their broadexperience in all development fields, as well
as their knowledge of the Egyptian and
global scenes. This goal is realizedthroughworking closely with UN programs,government and civil society, to meet thegrowing development challenges and needsin Egypt. A parallel goal of AFICS is to servethe interests and welfare of its members.


Afics-Egypt was founded by 50 UN members in 2002. These are:

6th of October City trip
December 11, 2010

The  AFICS-EGYPT was   organized  a cultural entertainment trip  to the 6th of October City
on Saturday, December 11, 2010 to visit some industrial firms and sports club,  They  were visited  the following companies:
1. Company Kazairin Industries
2. International Company for Ready Made Garments
3. Concrete Company For Clothes
4. Flora Company of Tissues
Then went to the Sports Club October 6th and toured free within the club and
ate food at the Bon Apetit restaurant

The participants have expressed their happiness in the journey and were pleased 


 November 23, 2008 - Marriott Hotel Zamalek

Conference on "The Impact of Climate Change on Egypt and other Arab Countries"

AFICS held a regional conference entitled "The impact of climate change on Egypt and other Arab countries" in the November 23, 2008, Marriott Hotel - Zamalek. Under the chairmanship of Ambassador / Mervat Tallawy President of the Association, and the coordinator of the conference was Dr. Salah Al

Zoghby Secretary-General of the Association. The Conference addressed three main issues: the scientific analysis of climate change, areas at risk from climate change in Egypt and the Arab countries, and the implications for them, ways and means to mitigate and adapt to changes in various sectors and regions, especially in the sectors of agriculture, industry, irrigation and energy, as well as coastal areas and beaches. Then AFICS issued a book of this conference dealt with the views of experts and specialists, and focused on the expected impact on Egypt and the Arab world as a result of climate change.

in honor of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah El Kasass
September 5, 2009 - Diplomatic Club in Cairo

Association held annual breakfast ceremony on 5 September 2009, Ramadan 15, 1430, in the Diplomatic Club, and the ceremony was attended by a large number of public persons and members of the AFICS, including Dr. Abdel-Aziz Hegazi, Prince Abbas Hilmi, Mr. James Rawley, Mr. Ziad Rifai, Dr. Mostafa Kamal Tolba, Dr. Hamed Ammar, Dr. Mawaheb Abul Azm, Dr. Ganat El Samalouti, Amb. Mohamed Shaker, Dr. Leila Takla, Mr. Saad Hagras, Mr. Mohamed El Sawy. The honoring ceremony for Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah El Kasass because of taking the Mubarak Award for Science in 2008, and the ceremony included a large number of words for welcome and praise of Dr. El Kasass. 
October 26, 2009 - Sawy Culture Wheel, Zamalek
Awareness campaign to address the garbage problem in Egypt

AFICS held a three symposiums seminars to discuss the problem of garbage in Egypt, the first of these seminars was on Tuesday, October 26, 2009, and the second was on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, and the third was on Sunday, December 20, 2009. Attended these seminars H.E. Dr. Ali Meselhi Minister of Social Solidarity, Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazy, head of the General Federation of NGOs, H. E. Mr. Abdul Aziz El Gendy former General Attorney, Ambassador Mervat Tallawy Chairman of the Board the association, Dr. Emad El Din Adly chairman of the Arab Office for Youth and Environment, and Mr. Mohamed El Sawy, through these seminars were agreed to hold 12 workshop for the different groups relevant to the issue and how to manage the problem, in addition to develop a strategic plan to solve the garbage problem in Egypt.

Trip Helwan
December 12, 2009

The Association organized a cultural and entertainment Trip to Helwan on Saturday, 12 December 2009 to visit the Hoda Talaat Harb Geriatric Medical Center, Helwan sulfate Center, Farouk Corner and the Japanese Garden. 23 participants attended and were impressed by the facilities at Hoda Talaat Harb Medical Center.

March, 27, 2010
El Moez Street Trip

On recommendation of some of our members, a trip was organized to visit the historical places at El Moez street. On Saturday of march 27, 2010, 25 participants joined this trip and visited the following places.
-    Parkook, kalawoon, and El Moez Mosques.
-    The Textile Museum.
-    El Sechemi and Prince Taz Palaces.

All were impressed by this visit and recommended to repeat it again as the time for this visit was not sufficient. some members became tired so there was "taftaf" transport offered by the management of El Moez Street. Thanks for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism who made from old Cairo a very interesting site to see.

At 3:00 pm launch was served at El Dahan restaurant, then the members were free to go their own way back to home. However many preferred to stay around shopping, sitting in coffees and visit Sayedna el Hussein Mosque. 

The Cooperation Protocol
April, 11, 2010

The Ceremony was held in occasion of signing a joint cooperation protocol between the association of international civil servants (AFICS - Egypt) and the Centre for treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly in Helwan, on Sunday, 11 April 2010 at the Centre, in the framework of the Association's attention the services of the elderly.

Under the Protocol between AFICS and the Centre, medical care is provided to members of the Association, and diagnostic services, laboratory, medicine, and programs of physical therapy, in addition to other services as the care of nurses to needs of patients
Tour to Alexandria
May 15, 2010

The Association of AFICS Egypt made a trip on Saturday, 15 May 2010  a one-day to visit the city of Alexandria and the Library of Alexandria, was access to the library of Alexandria around 11:00 am. and then guided for three hours at the library, to see some museums such as the Museum of Pharaoh, and a number of exhibitions like the manuscripts, the exhibition includes holdings of the late President Anwar Sadat, and acquisitions director Shadi Abdel Salam. This was followed by the free tour and lunch by the desire of each member. At the evening at 5:00 pm  visit the Jewelry Palace "Princess Fatima Palace" at Zezenya district. Finally there was a tour bus and hiking in Alexandria, then move to Cairo.



Trip to Al Arish  

28 to 30 October 2010    

On recommendation of some of our members ( Afics-Egypt) , a trip was organized to visit the city of El Arish for three days from Thursday 28 until Saturday, October 30, 2010, and visited the following places.  Friday (29/10): accompanied by a representative of the Tourism Promotion Authority Arish: - Museum-Arish National - Heritage Museum Sinai -  an NGO working in the field of garments and the protection of the environment and renewable energy - the Agricultural Research Centre -  Olive presses of  the armed forces.
  Saturday (30/10): - Sinai University - the village of Sama El-Arish and lunch.Participants have expressed their happiness in the journey and were pleased and have consistently demanded the organization of such trips by association 



Dinner on the Nile Cruise Valndra
June 11, 2010

AFICS held a Dinner on the Valndra on Friday, 11 June 2010,                 at 8:00 – 10:00 pm. The event was attended by 22 member of the Association, the ceremony included Takht sharqi (singer - awad).